Shamanic Cleansing and Balancing Session

Often, a person may feel stuck or trapped in an emotion or circumstance and become unable to move forward in life. This is a great session for moving stuck energies. First, the energetic field is cleansed with smoke, feathers, and spirit water. Then all of the chakras are balanced. During the session, a certain amount of time is spent determining and dealing with the issue that is creating the stuck condition. Usually there is a small amount of homework that is assigned. Plan for about an hour and a half. $125

*extraction, power animal and soul retrieval work available upon request*
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Jan Hawkins is a rehabilitation specialist. Since 1991, Jan has worked with many doctors and chiropractors in the San Antonio area in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation. She has had years of extensive training by rolfers, and experts in myofascial release, deep tissue, and sports medicine. The session is typically a little over 90 minutes. $90